meet Emily

Photographer out of Denver, Colorado

“Emily is the kindest person you will ever meet. She is so extremely talented + she is passionate about social justice–hiring her will bless people beyond just you + your spouse.”
–Ashley + Kevin Figurski

Because of the light, we see. We see what we saw the previous day, or we see things we've never seen before–because they only happen once. As an artist of the light, it's my job to see you, to capture your story in photographs, and to preserve these moments for you. 

This is what I love about stories–each one is entirely its own, yet each one connects us to what is means to be human. 

When you look at a photo I've taken of you, I want you to feel that it's true to who you are.
I care most about the photographs you'll frame on your bedside table when you're 70 + your grandkids ask you about someday; the photographs that transcend time. After all, when your sweetheart's hands are wrinkled + the memories faded, you will always have your photographs to bring you back to how you felt–on your favorite day, when there was nothing but big old hearts dancing in both your eyes. 

Partnering with Sweet Justice Photography means every person's story is given value. 10% of all profits are donated to Life for the Innocent, a nonprofit local to my hometown fighting human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Honestly, your story needs to be told
with timeless quality, genuine concern,
and photojournalistic fullness. 

my favorite things

here are some of

forrest & cedar

my hubby Alan


“She has an incredible eye for capturing moments + her joyful spirit makes it seem like you've been best friends for decades.”
–Cassandra + Jace Koger

my husband's grammie,
showing us her wedding photos;
"this one still makes me swoon."